Powder Coating & PVDF (Kynar) Coating

To ensure the best possible finish is achieved it is important that a suitable aluminium alloy together with a good surface finish is selected. The long-term performance characteristics of the environmentally friendly solvent free powder coating process, ensure wide usage for architectural projects. Often selected as the preferred option for fabricated items because the thickness of its coating often covers surface abrasions and processing marks. The thermally cured powder coating process provides a tough, easy to maintain and knock-resistant finish.


Anodising provides an attractive matt metallic easy to maintain effect that will normally last for many years. The anodic film is extremely durable, corrosion resistant and light-fast. The anodising process interacts with the surface of the metals. For this reason you should be aware that variations can occur in the shade of the anodic film.

Wooden Foil Powder Coating

As aesthetic values evolve, wood effect finishing becomes more and more popular in the fields of architectural decoration. A wood effect finishing is a special powder coating process based on the latest technology in the surface finishing. Wood finished aluminum sheets are a perfect integration of the excellent aluminum properties with the natural appearance of wood. Patterns of the most precious woods, such as oak, chestnut, cherry and walnut, can be imitated.